From a small Swedish island to a village in Senegal, the EIB is part of the fight for climate action and inclusive development – and it’s in it for as long as it takes to secure a sustainable future.

Helena Mueller’s formative years on a small island in Northern Europe led her to a lifelong career in environment and climate finance.

Alecta, one of the biggest buyers of new EIB sustainability bonds, will not go near an investment that significantly harms the environment.

The EIB’s new Sustainability Awareness Bonds support big projects that make lives better for millions of people.

In small towns in northern Egypt, poor sanitation makes children sick and sends pollution into waterways and the sea.

The world has to do more to create a sustainable future. To play its role, the EIB invests heavily in climate action.

As a youngster, Soukeyna Bâ walked many kilometres every day with her grandmother to help people in need. Now she is pushing for women’s rights and economic power in Senegal and beyond.

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation uses small loans in rural Africa to fight poverty and help women.