The Green Thread

The European Investment Bank gets things done. What kinds of climate and environment projects do our experts expect to be working on in the near future?

The transport sector is undergoing a period of profound change as it deals with the twin challenges of decarbonisation and digitisation. At the same time, we are addressing a decade of underinvestment in basic infrastructure. The European Investment Bank’s role and opportunities in the sector will therefore be even more important in the next few years, and the Bank is well-placed to play a pivotal role in transforming transport.

Gavin Dunnett, director, Mobility, Projects, EIB

We expect to finance more projects related to climate change adaptation that will complement the strong track record of the European Investment Bank in renewable energy projects in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific, Asia, and Latin America.

Maria Shaw-Barragan, director, Global Partners, Operations, EIB


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