The Green Thread

As the economy gets green and clean, the European Investment Bank aims to make sure no one is left behind

The climate is humanity’s life support system. The Bank’s climate action on oceans, water and bioeconomy, and on the development of our habitats in cities and regions, is aimed at preserving that life support system.

Werner Schmidt, director, Environment and Sustainable Territorial Development, Projects, EIB

We will continue and deepen our work to assist EU regions in their climate ambitions.

Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten, head of division, JASPERS Smart Development, EIB


Shelter for the climate

When people can’t afford to live close to their work, their quality of life suffers. And so does the climate. Here’s a series of projects that aim to counter the need for long commutes that emit lots of carbon and unhealthy pollutants.


Cohesive and creative

A long history of investment for cohesion in Europe’s poorer regions is a foundation for the EIB’s role in the European Commission’s Just Transition Mechanism