We deliver advice in three main ways: through our website, through in-depth support for designing, developing and implementing specific projects and investment platforms, and through light advisory assistance with the identification and development of potential investment projects. We also provide horizontal support through capacity building and awareness raising, via events, workshops, training and targeted coaching, covering a wide range of topics.


Our website continued to not only guide project promoters with requests for direct EIB advisory support, but also steer them towards a range of alternative advisory or funding programmes across the EU. Some 13 500 website visits have been made since the website’s revamp in late 2017. More than 600 users accessed our country-specific information database, which guides them towards the most suitable advice and financing at European and national level. More than 90% of the users that filled in our online voluntary feedback form were satisfied with the information they received – a sign, we think, that our website is meeting users’ needs.


*excludes 131 requests relevant for more than one country or otherwise non country specific.


Since its launch, the Advisory Hub has received almost 1 600 requests. Cohesion countries were the most active in submitting requests to the Advisory Hub. Through a series of events undertaken in 2018 and 2019, the Advisory Hub raised greater awareness among public and private stakeholders on the Investment Plan for Europe, the European Fund for Strategic Investments, and opportunities for advisory support.

Once a request is submitted to the Hub, we work with the client to prepare a tailored advisory package. Our experts define with the requester the size, sector, nature of investment and development stage of each assignment. This assignment overview and the corresponding advisory needs are key elements for the Hub advisers. They allow the advisers to act as champions of the projects within the EIB and create the best advisory package for each request, in collaboration with various EIB experts, our partner organisations and/or local consultants.

Depending on the assignment needs, the Hub can call on financial and technical experts from across the EIB to help develop an appropriate and tailored advisory package. Requesters may also be directed to more suitable EU or EIB programmes. The requester is kept informed at all times of the status of the request and participates actively in defining the advisory package. Once there is a formal agreement between the EIB and the requester on the advisory package, the services are delivered by EIB experts often working together with third-party service providers.

Reflecting the impact of our advice, since the launch of the Hub in 2015 more than 150 Hub-­supported projects have entered the EIB’s lending pipeline, with an estimated project investment cost of around €34 billion. Half of these supported projects were eligible for EFSI financing.


While we specialise in complex, large-scale advisory requests, we recognise that some project promoters need just a few hours or days of light strategic advice to get them on the right track. Since its launch, the Advisory Hub has provided this kind of support to more than 700 promoters active in the transport, energy, innovation, and security and defence sectors. For example, we are helping innovative private companies develop or scale up their state-of-the-art technologies and business models. Also, our experts have supported more than 140 promoters in their first-of-a-kind energy technologies or demonstration projects, which are estimated to generate around €730 million of investments. We helped these promoters identify and solve challenges in taking forward their ideas and gaining access to finance in the market, including from the EIB Group.