Climate and environment for a sustainable future

EUR 16.7 bn
for the environment

This includes biodiversity, clear air, clean water, transport safety, renewable energy and energy efficiency


The Bank commits to climate action loans that amount to more than 25% of total lending across all its public policy areas

In 2017, the EIB financed EUR 19.4 billion of climate action

That’s 28.2% of all financing

• Renewable energy – EUR 4.4 billion
• Energy efficiency – EUR 4.8 billion
• Lower carbon and climate friendly transport – over EUR 7.1 billion
• Research, development and innovation – EUR 1 billion
• Mitigation in afforestation, waste and wastewater – EUR 0.5 billion
• Mitigation in other sectors – EUR 0.7 billion
• Adaptation to climate change – EUR 0.8 billion
* Figures above are subject to an external audit

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