What’s next?

Here are some highlights for 2018 from the EIB Operational Plan

• Target for new lending signatures: EUR 67 billion
• The number of operations will be maintained, but with smaller sizes as higher-risk Special Activities continue to make up a growing proportion of lending
• Special Activities: about 25% of overall lending, at EUR 17.3 billion
• Inside the EU, the EIB will continue to support EU policy goals aimed at restoring EU competitiveness and long-term economic growth and job creation, building on its financial and technical experience
• Outside the EU, lending will focus on the expansion of basic infrastructure, such as roads, electricity networks and water supply
• Advisory services will continue to increase, with a forecast 530 assignments. It’s estimated these projects will eventually support a total investment cost of EUR 28 billion.

It is now time to focus on structural adjustments that will make Europe economically more resilient and place the economy firmly on the path to sustainable growth. The EIB Group, as the EU’s vehicle for investment, will continue to have a demonstrable impact both inside and outside the EU.