Since its launch in 2015, the Advisory Hub has received 1 102 requests, including 416 in 2018. Of this 416, the Hub received 78 requests via the website and 338 queries from experts within the EIB or other Hub partners, such as National Promotional Banks and Institutions.

More than 71% of requests required technical and financial advisory input for specific investment projects. The balance of the requests was for general information or funding and financing; such requests were given appropriate guidance and direction. For those cases requiring advisory support, the Hub’s advisors worked hand in hand with the requesters to clarify the size, sector, nature of investment and stage of development of each project. This clear overview of the project’s status and its advisory needs is a key element for the Hub advisors and allows them to act as champions of the projects within the EIB and create the best advisory package for each request, in collaboration with diverse EIB experts dedicated to supporting the Hub.

Once a request is submitted to the Hub, our advisors work directly with the client to prepare a tailor-made advisory package to support the project.

The Hub’s key objectives are to provide the promoter with a comprehensive, bespoke and efficient advisory package as well as consistent contact with the experts providing the advice.

Depending on the needs, the Hub can call on financial and technical experts from across the EIB to help develop the advisory package. The requesters can also be directed to other EU or EIB programmes that can meet their needs more effectively. The requester is kept informed of the status of the request and participates actively in defining the advisory package.

This process allows us to create a bespoke action plan that helps project promoters in a number of ways, not only by identifying what needs to be done to make the project investment-ready, but also by correctly calibrating a plan for the necessary resources. Once there is a formal agreement between the EIB and the project promoter on the advisory package, the agreed services can be delivered by EIB internal experts often working together with external service providers.

By offering these bespoke advisory services and acting as a single point of access for advice for project promoters across the European Union, the Hub is fully complying with the mandate defined by its legal base (Regulation 2015/1017, Art. 14.2).
The requests in 2018 covered many sectors, with transport and energy accounting for more than 45% of the total. Half of the requests came from the private sector


URBIS is an advisory initiative dedicated to urban investment that was launched in November 2017 by the European Investment Bank and the European Commission.

Incorporated within the Advisory Hub, URBIS addresses the specific needs of cities for place-based advisory support and provides an integrated service, including technical and financial advice as well as awareness-raising activities.

During its first year, URBIS attracted significant interest from a wide range of stakeholders, including national, regional and municipal authorities. 34 requests qualifying for assistance were received in 2018 from 17 EU countries.

The initiative is meeting its goal by reaching large and small cities and comprehensively addressing their needs.

URBIS requests covered a variety of sectors, including energy efficiency, circular economy, urban mobility, smart cities, social housing and urban regeneration. This indicates that the initiative can flexibly support activities in a number of sectors and at different stages of the project cycle.