Like any organisation, it’s the people who make EIB Advisory tick. Except
in our case, it’s not just our staff but also our colleagues at the European
Commission who put their faith in us and who decide to allocate part of the EU budget to support our various advisory mandates.

Who are these people? We talked to colleagues in EIB Advisory and at the Commission about their work and experiences. A common thread is a belief among our colleagues that, ultimately, their job is to serve the people of the European Union. This section features excerpts from those interviews.

“A good advisor really has to understand not only what the client is asking us, but also correctly analyse the real, underlying needs.”

Simon Barnes

Head of EIB Advisory

Simon Barnes
Head of EIB Advisor

Head of the Policy Directorate of DG Regio
at the European Commission

Giorgio Chiarion-Casoni
Head of DG Economic and Financial Affairs unit DDG2.03

Witold Willak
Deputy Head of Unit in charge of Major Projects
in the EC’s DG Regio

Nassima Ferahtia
Project advisor – policy officer at the European Commission,
DG Research & Innovation, Directorate B Open Innovation and Open Science,
unit B.3 SMEs, financial instruments and state.