WeTransfer: File-sharing made simple

Probably everyone who shares large files uses WeTransfer once in a while. Few would know, however, that the company behind this file-sharing platform is a Dutch start-up supported by the EIF.

Launched in 2009 by Bas Beerens and Nalden, a well-known blogger in Amsterdam, WeTransfer was born out of the founders’ own need for a solution for sending large files when collaborating on creative projects.

The online platform is recognised for its clean interface and a service without the usual complications of log-ins, sign-up forms, data capture and banner advertising. It also supports artistic talent: every time a customer visits WeTransfer’s homepage, he or she is presented with a full-screen image sourced from a wide community of artists. While the company generates revenues from paid services and promotions, it is free of charge for sharing files of up to 2GB in size.

Having initially achieved significant success through its free service, the company reached about two billion transfers in 2017, with further growth expected in the years ahead. That growth is supported by a new layer of professionalism in the business that is helping to realise these international growth plans. This is the result of funding and advisory services provided by Highland Europe, an investment fund backed by the EIF under the EIB Risk Capital Resources initiative (RCR). This mandate is a core pillar of the EIF’s equity activity and is a critical resource that has enabled the EIF to pursue its equity strategy in the venture capital and growth segments for more than 15 years.