EFSI project appraisal under the IIW

All EFSI projects under the IIW are EIB operations, which have to be eligible under at least one EIB public policy goal, and are subject to the same due diligence as any other EIB project, including with respect to procurement, and environmental and social impact. They are also approved by the EIB’s standard governance structures. In addition, all EFSI projects are assessed by the EFSI Investment Committee to ensure that they are eligible for backing under the EU guarantee.

Projects should demonstrate that they:

  • are economically and technically sound;
  • match the eligible sectors;
  • provide additionality;
  • contribute to EU objectives and to sustainable growth and employment;
  • maximise the mobilisation of private sector capital;
  • are sufficiently mature to be bankable and priced in line with the project risk.

EFSI projects are assessed using a scoreboard of indicators under four pillars, similar to the 3PA framework used to assess EIB projects.