EU funds co-financing Andalusia 2014-2020

Economic recovery programme for a Spanish region badly hit by the recession, targeting growth and employment.

Total project cost: EUR 6 354 million; EIB loan: up to EUR 725 million; other EU: EUR 3 862 million.

The EIB is continuing the work which it started in response to the banking crisis of 2008 and the deep recession which followed. The impact on the Spanish economy is well documented and regions such as Andalusia, are still in a recovery phase. There is no simple solution to events of this kind, and the issues to be addressed are diverse and wide ranging.

The government of the autonomous region of Andalusia has elaborated a development strategy to give the region a new economic impetus. During the implementation phase this strategy will involve the design and execution of many small projects. The objectives of these projects may be grouped under three broad headings: economic, environment and territorial, and social and institutional. The economic objectives cover established priority areas for the EU, including re-industrialisation, export development, improved access to high-speed internet, and digital market development. For environment and territorial, priority is being given to energy saving and the development of renewable energies, rural development, water, urban development and travel infrastructure. Finally, there are social and institutional objectives: social innovation, inclusion, education and training, transparency and improved social administration, etc.