Investment in EU-28

The European Investment Bank is the investment bank of the European Union. Its shareholders are the Member States of the EU, and its primary purpose is to provide long-term finance and expertise to projects to help achieve the EU’s objectives. Over 90% of EIB lending is within the EU, but the Bank is also a major source of development finance in other parts of the world, in support of EU policies.

This report is an account of the EIB’s activities inside the EU during 2017, a year during which the Bank was required to take account both of the continuing echoes of the 2008 financial crisis, and of the changing global economic landscape. The report presents an analysis of the year’s 380 new projects. It assesses their contribution to the Bank’s policy objectives and their anticipated impact for EU citizens.

The European Investment Bank

Context of the EIB’s operations in 2017

Overview of EIB operations signed in 2017

European Fund for Strategic Investments

The EIB’s advisory role


Climate Action

Sustainable Development Goals