New SME and mid-cap signatures

SMEs and mid-caps constituted the EIB’s single largest public policy goal area in 2017 with EUR 15.6 billion for first signatures, representing 30% of all new EIB lending. This EIB financing is expected to support investments of at least EUR 42 billion which, in turn, should help sustain some

5.5 million jobs.

New SME and mid-cap operations signed in 2017

In addition to traditional intermediated loans to SMEs through local commercial banks, the Bank finances SMEs and midcaps through a range of innovative instruments, including risk sharing of guarantee portfolios, and equity and quasi-equity operations. The EIB’s own lending products are complemented by the European Investment Fund’s (EIF) specialised products for SMEs, including venture and growth capital, private debt, mezzanine finance, microfinance and social impact finance.

Selection of expected results from SME and midcaps new operations signed in 2017

Sunflower oil production, Bulgaria