Project Advisory Support Unit (PASU)

During 2017, the Project Advisory Support Unit (PASU) provided support to the Romanian authorities in a number of key processes related to the ex-ante conditionalities[1] for European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). These conditionalities needed to be met last year to avoid the suspension of ESIF funds for the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme. PASU provided support for a number of major deliverables including:

  • works contracts for all public major infrastructure projects: new balanced, unequivocal contract conditions will create a more conducive environment for the implementation of the infrastructure projects and for addressing problems and disputes in the construction process;
  • modernisation of the ex-ante control system of public procurement to ensure efficient use of resources in the public sector through more effective and smarter control, generating potential savings for tax-payers through centralised purchasing;
  • contracts establishing expected performance levels for road and rail operators to ensure a clear relationship between the operators and the Ministry of Transport. In addition, these performance contracts allow the operators to plan infrastructure investments and maintenance expenditure in a multi-annual financial framework.

[1] Conditions which must be met in order to ensure the effective and efficient use of EFSI.