RDI on Industrial Automation and Automatic Data Capture

The project promoter, Datalogic S.p.A. and its affiliates, is a global technology leader in automatic data capture and process automation. The company specialises in the design and manufacturing of barcode readers, radio frequency identification (RFID), detection, measurement and security sensors, vision systems and laser marking. The promoter’s products are mainly used in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation and logistics sectors.

The project concerned the European R&D activities of Datalogic’s central research centre called DL Labs as well as the main research projects in the industrial automation and automatic data capture sector over the years 2014 to 2016. On average, about 225 R&D experts located in Italy developed new basic technologies and new products/solutions in the area of scan engines, hand-held scanning, sensors, identification, machine vision, mobile computer and laser marking.

The rationale for EIB intervention was supported by the project’s broad economic benefits through its valuable knowledge spill-overs and externalities, such as the development and extension of European presence in the automatic identification industry that will enable the further adoption of European industrial automation and also improve secure transactions of goods. The project was eligible as an “InnovFin Large Project” under Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments.

The financing of the project involved a loan from the EIB of EUR 30 million, which at project completion represented 36% of the total project cost (EUR 83.97 million).

The project helped the project promoter to maintain its position as a leader in the automatic data capture and industrial automation industry, putting a strong emphasis on innovation and developing new products and technologies. Datalogic generated over 100 patent applications related to new products and technologies and created 47 new permanent positions for researchers and experts.