2017 aggregate lending volumes

The new projects covered by this report are those for which the first financing contract was signed in 2017. For each of these projects, the full, approved financing volume is reported. This covers both the amount “signed” in 2017 and any approved balance planned to be signed under future contracts. Likewise, for each new project, the full total investment cost and the full expected results are reported.

To avoid double counting of project results, follow-up contracts signed under projects that have already been reported in previous reports (because earlier financing contracts were signed under them in previous years) are not reported above. However, for the sake of transparency, a breakdown of 2017 lending volumes, including the volume of such follow-up contracts, is given below. A full list of projects, including follow-up signatures, is given in Annex 5.

This methodology is different from that used in the reports before 2014. For this reason, lending volumes and project counts may not always be strictly comparable.

2017 lending volumes (EUR m)